Julie, er, Your Excellency, Don't Let the Door Hit Your Ass On Your Way Out


Governor General Julie Payette and her muscle, Assunta di Lorenzo, are toast. Both have resigned following the release of a scathing report of workplace culture at Rideau Hall

Julie and Assunta were said to be shit bosses, heaping abuse and vitriol on their plebs. And now they're gone. Adios, Julie.


  1. Poor Julie.
    When they called to ask if she'd like to be the Queen('s Representative), she dropped her phone, didn't hear the bracketed part, and happily accepted.

    1. A great way to cap off a career. I'll bet she's been kicking ass and stepping on toes most of her life. The way I read Payette's statement, it sounded like she's trying to blame it all on di Lorenzo.

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