If You Were Hoping Americans Would Finally Have an Epiphany


Newsweek thought, in the aftermath of Trump's terrorist attack on Congress on Wednesday, it might be a good idea to consult Republican supporters. Were they aghast? Were they finally done with their fiendish cult leader?

Brace yourselves.

Almost half of surveyed Republican voters, 45 per cent, said they strongly support the thugs who attacked the Capitol building. 43 per cent said they somewhat or strongly opposed the act of domestic terrorism. Well the Capitol building was no Fort Sumter but this is just getting started.

And Donald Trump will be pleased with this news. A slim majority of Republicans polled, 51 per cent, say they don't believe Trump bears any blame for the siege of the Capitol or the five deaths that ensued.  That's good news, not just for Trump but for his 'stay behind' partisans in the Treason Caucus.

I have to say that, when it comes to cults, Trump has 'em stacked up like cordwood. He'd make Jim Jones jealous or at least he would if Jim wasn't dead.


  1. So end the fantasy that Trump has 75,000,000 supporters. Half those votes are from those who don't know or care who the leader is but will always vote Republican.

    Republican power brokers are ,as we speak , working out how to distance themselves from Trump and who to bring forward as their next leader. Trumpaloonies may have to revive the Tea Party in opposition.

    Does Kamala want a three party system?

  2. https://www.rawstory.com/remove-trump/

    Ipsos vsUgov

  3. This could fracture the GOP. Several of the 'old school' Republicans have said there's no way to fix it. The GOP must be burned to the ground so that a new Republican Party can rise from the ashes.

    The radical right, including the Treason Caucus in Congress, want all the marbles. They want to seize control, oust the old school conservative Republicans.

    Chretien fans, such as Kinsella, like to remind us of Jean's fabulous election victories. They rarely mention that the Libs were pushing on an open door thanks to the struggle between the remnants of the Progressive Conservatives and Preston's Reform Party that itself was home to some real Deporables. It wasn't a big effort to pull off Liberal majorities in that chaos.

    I watched presidential historian, John Meecham, explain how Biden's win was greater than Roosevelt's or Kennedy's or Reagan's. He said that, for decades, the US has had 51% politics. That's a big win today. Trump won the White House with 46% to Hillary's 48%. In other words, Biden's 51% was a solid win.


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