How the Liberals Botched the Covid Crisis and Left Canadians Exposed


There's no two ways about it. Justin Trudeau screwed up. That became undeniable when Pfizer announced disruptions in the scheduled supply of vaccine doses while it retooled some plant in Belgium. That's when we discovered that Canada, instead of being at the front of the line as the prime minister told us, is well down the line.

Shipments of the Pfizer vaccine won't resume for another two or three weeks - if we're lucky. Pfizer will be restoring deliveries to the European Union on Monday, the 25th of January.

I'd love to hear the prime minister come up with a plausible explanation of why Canada has become tail-end Charlie. How did the Trudeau government screw up? How many will die because of it?

I'm not used to agreeing with Andrew Coyne but his op-ed in yesterday's Globe is on the money.

Per capita, the United States has distributed – under Donald Trump, let us remember – more than four times as many doses as Canada, and administered nearly three times as many: five doses per 100 population, to our 1.8. If the U.S. vaccination program is a disaster, what are we to call Canada’s?

It isn’t just the United States we’re lagging behind, after all; there’s also Israel, Britain, Denmark, Lithuania, Spain, Slovenia, Italy, Ireland. All told, a dozen countries around the world have faster rates of vaccination than Canada.

Israel, meanwhile, has been able to start vaccinating 16 to 18 year olds. Think about that when you're told you'll have to wait until April or June for your turn. 

Coyne's take is that the federal government dithered while other countries nailed down their vaccine orders. When Canada did pull the trigger it ordered a massive number of doses, far more than we'll need, for delivery - eventually. Even that probably would have gone unnoticed until Pfizer decided to shut down production. 

Now, thanks to Trudeau's ineptitude, the European Union will have its supply restored three weeks before Canada. That's inexcusable. Justin Trudeau seems a nice enough guy but nice isn't going to save lives.

The Trudeau government is long on promises and quick to declare states of emergency (think climate change) but it has a weak record of delivering on its promises and it is slow in its responses. 

Once again Junior is tested and found wanting. 


  1. You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting.
    From a no brainer movie A knights tale.
    Oddly 'no brainer' when applied to Trudeau is quite apt.

    Sadly, when we look to the alternatives ; distribution of the vaccines would still be out to tender!




  3. The provinces botched the initial rollout. They sat on a lot of the vaccine at first.
    My guess is they only caught up cause of the delivery slow down.

    Now the Premiers should get the mass-program ready for when we see product, quit pointing fingers. We'll soon have lots more.

    Not the first time Canada has lost out in a supply chain squeeze - I used to wholesale IT products and got used to being shorted by suppliers in favour of bigger fish.

    I wonder how Africa is doing in the queue?

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