Biden Democrats Feeling Fat and Sassy. Why?

According to the New York Times, the Democrats are flush with cash and hope it's a sign they can hold on to the House in the mid-terms. It seems the DNC is sitting on $75 million

Not wanting to rain on the Dems' parade but the paper also reports that the Mango Mussolini made hay while the sun shone, i.e. right up to Biden's inauguration, to the tune of $255 million in donations ostensibly to help him overturn Biden's election win.

It remains to be seen what the "Donor Class" will do in the runup to the mid-terms. Some of them were put off  by Trump but that doesn't mean they'll abandon the RNC next time.



  1. The donor class always makes the right moves. It's their game and their chessboard. Electability is everything. They'd even go with Trump again if the numbers told them to. I think the RNC is safe. The money guys are already winning with the Democrats scared shitless of giving an inch to the lefties. How much of the quarter billion was scammed from slugs in the hammer-and-shovel class?

  2. I will say it again the Dems will be turfed in the midterms because they do not want to win! A few do and they are looked as being barking mad because they want to play the repuglican game - win at all cost.

    I hope that the Senate will prove me wrong but as the impeachment process is doomed to fail, because of the lack of repug votes then the strategy should be to prove that tRump did all the nasty things he is being accused of - history will do the rest. Besides if the case is made well then the stench of tRump will stick to the repugs who will vote against because they think the case is unconstitutional (which it isn't).

    It will be an interesting fourteen days for us watchers, even if we know that the strongest case will never be made because the Dems are too nice!

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