And Trump Will Still Get Off the Hook

The US Department of Homeland Security issued a domestic terrorism warning today.

The warning specified a growing risk of attacks by "ideologically-motivated violent extremists" agitated about President Biden's election and "perceived grievances fueled by false narratives." 

The Republican gift, it seems, just keeps on giving. Trump may be gone, for now at least, but his venom remains potent. Trump, of courses, is being aided and abetted by Republicans in the House and Senate who perpetuate the 'stolen election' lie. These are not people seeking reconciliation  and unity. They, instead, stoke the fires of conspiracies and aggression. 

Since the January 6 attack on the Capitol building, poll after poll of self-identified Republicans show that "stop the steal" lives on and not very many Republicans will admit that Trump should be held accountable for launching the insurrection.

On the last RealTime, Maher interviewed a retired FBI agent who argued that the US needs a domestic terrorism law. Existing criminal law does not provide a penalty deterrent for the terrorism element of the crime. If you commit an act of domestic terrorism you should be facing a minimum sentence of 14 years to life. Get them out of circulation. Cull the herd. How many of those thugs that swarmed the Capitol building would have thought twice if they knew it meant a minimum 14 year stretch in the Greybar Hotel? 

Then again it's all wishful thinking when America's Domestic-Terrorist-in-Chief is untouchable. Mother Jones' columnist, David Corn, takes a deep dive into Trump's evolution to become America's first terrorist president. When it comes to Trump's personal advancement, lines are rarely drawn and, when they are, they're hopelessly blurred.


  1. "Agnew's role in the conservative revival should not be overlooked. He provided lessons on how to reach out to 'Daley Democrats,' southern whites, and suburban voters, showed how to effectively attack liberals as elitist, effete, and irresponsible, and nurtured key players in the emerging New Right in the politics of resentment. His attacks on intellectuals, 'radlibs,' and the media still echo today. He helped recast the Republicans as a Party of 'Middle Americans' and, even in disgrace, reinforced the public's distrust of government.

    - Peter B. Levy

    I've always thought of him as a rather unsung hero of the Low information Era of "conservative" politics. He identified and motivated the most important elements of the "Silent Majority". He used the excesses and arrogance of the hangers-on who'd attached themselves to the anti-draft front and progressive movements of the sixties to tie the collective brain of Middle America into a knot. The children of the Great Depression and senior members of the Pepsi Generation who hadn't had the least concern over the differences between Ike and Adlai Stevenson were intrigued by someone who could pick the right words and deliver a presentation that seemed to clarify the confusion that goes with suffering losses when one has no understanding of cause-and-effect and no will expend the the effort required to obtain it.

    Agnew showed the way. He laid down the bed gravel for the road to Trump.

    1. John, this would be the legendary Spiro T. Agnew? He of the "nattering nabobs of negativism" fame?

      A very interesting take on the path Agnew charted for future generations of politicians.


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