This May Be Pretty Hard to Watch on a Monday Morning. Trump's "Muscle" Unleashed.

Think of them as the 21st century version of Hitler's Brown Shirts.

As the deviant president continues to rail on about how Joe Biden and the Democrats stole the election he's inciting his thug followers to violence and they're dutifully responding to Trump's dog whistle.

On the weekend it was the Proud Boys rampaging through the streets of Washington, beating, and sometimes stabbing protesters.  They didn't spare women either. These are rabid dogs and, in a better world, they would be behind bars for a long, long time.

You can watch a couple of the videos here.

Proud Boys founder, Canadian Gavin McInnes, was recently profiled in The Tyee.

I think it's time for America to reinstate a sedition law, something with real teeth in it. There's too much at stake, too many lives at risk, the very future of democracy in America at stake not to put people like McInnes and Mike Flynn away for a couple of years. This dog whistle business is getting out of control.


  1. The laws are all there here and in the US. All that is needed is for the cops to enforce them. Unfortunately ,here and there , the cops have degenerated into a violent, sadistic bunch of racist, sexist xenophobic criminals.

  2. The American dream is so ingrained within the US it will take radical change to expose its falsehoods.
    Liberty, freedom etc are word quick messages to pacify the uneducated and easily manipulated.
    Is there a constitution in any country that promotes or ingrains responsibility as a goal...
    Constitutional responsibility would be a wonderful challenge to world politics.


    1. TB, isn't this part of the collapse of social cohesion. When reality itself becomes political, with fact-based narratives in losing battles with myriad belief-based narratives, there is no common truth on which debate and resolution can happen.

  3. Proud Boys. The same dolts who three years ago arrived to jeer at Miꞌk Maw protesters who were decrying the statue of Edward Cornwallis set on the Grand Parade grounds outside Halifax's Municipal HQ in downtown, where Remembrance day services are held. Cornwallis was first lieutentant-governor of Nova Scotia and an idiot. The man who paid for Indian scalps. The Wikipedia entry on that man is instructive -- he was such a pain in the ass on many fronts, the British government sent him off to run Gibraltar in the end to get him out of their hair. He had too many relatives in high places to simply pension him off entirely.

    The three Proud Boys proclaiming white man supremacy over Miꞌk Maw were found to be local members of the Canadian armed services, the Navy, and at least one was from the enlightened province of Saskatchewan. After the usual bureaucratic mumbling from the local administrative Admiral, much like the usual mumbling from Brenda Lucki who's supposed to be running the RCMP with no systemic racism, the Proud Boys supposedly got a tongue-lashing, nothing more. Which reinforces my opinion that the police and armed forces are regressively conservative and racist, while denying it at every turn. We're snow white neutral, they claim. As if.

    Now the Proud Boys, proud of British colonial dominance over the brown and yellow and red peoples of the world, have morphed into an even uglier outfit with Americans of complete racist tendencies to become something to be very wary of indeed. if anyone thinks the security agencies are in the least bit interested in them, think again, because they're on the same wavelength at heart. They spend their time monitoring little old ladies protesting clear-cuts or pipeline expansions, because you never know, they might foment a revolution, and we can't have that, now can we? Knocking a few "socialist" heads together and stabbing them, well what do those "drips" expect?

    I see Billy Barr, US AG, has quit Trump pre-emptively early, to get his own legal ducks in a row. Gotta save your own butt when the house of cards collapses. Now the hundred plus GOP congressmen for Trump have a choice. Continue to bray like asses and keep their hypnotized electors happy, or face a reality of a different kind. Not that the Democrats and Biden are even basically ethical, as beholden to big money as any GOP twit, and as invasion-friendly and pro-military as ever, but like Trudeau, they're polite about being members of the ruling class. And that's about as good as it's going to be for a while.

    1. Bill, there's nothing neutral about our police and, yes, they do make kin with conservatives. This is sometimes most apparent with the national police agency. Recall how Zaccardelli threw the election to Stephen Harper in mid-campaign by leaking to the NDP the bogus claim that Ralph Goodale was under criminal investigation. That was enough to give Harper a minority win.

      Then there was the Duffy scandal in which Harper and Nigel Wright (along with senior Tory senators and party officials) were in up to their eyeballs. It was impossible to charge Duffy but the scandal had no chance of disappearing without a scapegoat. Nigel told anyone who would listen if he was charged he'd spill his guts. He wasn't going down alone. So the RCMP invented a new crime, "immaculate bribery," a crime that began and ended with Mike Duffy. To bury the boy from Friendly Lane, the cops made it a 33-count indictment - more than enough to bury a man of moderate means. That took Wright and Harper off the hook.

      At trial, Mr. Justice Vaillancourt saw straight through this scam. He not only dismissed every charge against Duffy but he pointedly stated that many crimes were committed but the miscreants were not in court before him.

      Neither Zaccardelli nor Hank Paulson were ever called to account for their chicanery. Both were allowed to retire with full pension. Zac was brought before a Commons committee but he simply refused to answer questions and got away with it.

      It's said the fish rots from the head first. That's true.

  4. Well, Rumley, there have been plenty of instances of local cops getting chummy with white supremacists. After Kyle Rittenhouse had shot three people, killing two of them, he just strolled through local police and made his way home. Dylan Roof gunned down nine people at a Sunday night prayer meeting in a South Carolina Baptist church. The cops treated him to a big dinner of fast food. On and on and on. When they have a sense that federal, state and municipal authorities will look the other way their true colours seem to come out.


    Seven 7 friggen comments!

    Says a lot about humanity.


  6. With every passing day trump seems to be disappearing from daily conversation and news.
    Only the Trumpeteers cling on to the notion he was robbed of re election.
    Could it be he will be reduced to an annoyance like the KKK or NRA?
    Could he be reduced to someone that can stir the shit but has but a clutching influence in the big scheme of US dollaromic politics?
    After all the problem with US politics is not Trump, the GOP or the Democrats ; It's Money$$$.
    It was but a small victory for the US and the world to be rid of Trump
    The money is still out there!!



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