The Gomer Effect

He's been called the "Dumbest Man in Congress" and more than once at that. 

Texas representative, Louie Ghomert, has filed suit against vice president Mike Pence.

Gohmert's lawsuit against Pence asks a Trump-appointed judge to rule that the vice president is authorized to throw out the already-cast electoral college votes and instead appoint his own slate of pro-Trump electors to give the president a second term.

Legal experts are broadly dismissing the lawsuit, with Georgia State University School of Law professor Anthony Michael Kreis dubbing it "insane."



  1. The US has totally gone berserk; it's time to stop making excuses for a behaviour that not only is dangerous to themselves , but the rest of the world.
    The USA have more nuclear weapons than any other nation yet they deny Iran the ability to produce their own as a MAD deterrent!
    Who do you trust with such destructive power?
    The US or Iran?
    The 'Mad Mullahs are nothing compared to the mad evangelists of the USA.
    Again; tis time to distance ourselves from the US.



    1. Mad as hatters, TB. I can't recall this level of craziness during the heyday of the banana republics - certainly not as broad based. Maybe the Argies when the people forgave the junta following the invasion of the Falklands but even that was short-lived.

      I've wondered for years if some form of mass psychosis hadn't swept over the US. How can you have a functioning nation when a major segment of the populace has abandoned critical thinking in favour of belief-based (i.e. faith-based) thinking. I claim credit for having coined the term Gullibilly. That's why. It's like someone wrote a twisted screenplay that merged The Emperor's Clothes with Groundhog Day.

  2. "Again; tis time to distance ourselves from the US."

    Sure TB, we'll saw off and float to better climes - just east of NZ if they'll let us muck up the neighbourhood.

    1. NPoV, I assume you're aware of the movement to recast the British Empire, the white part anyway, by a loose union of the UK, Canada, NZ and Australia. I suppose Queen Victoria must be smiling.

  3. @ Northern PoV.
    My main concern with our Canadian affiliation with the US is that we follow their foreign policy be it participation with 'their wars' or their insistence we collaborate on military acquisitions that prop up the US economy.
    As Rafe Mair said ; beware of Sam Slick the American trader.


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