I'm Back, Sort Of

 It's been a while, six or seven weeks I guess.

It was a culmination of factors - burn out, a dead computer, a glitch with Blogger, yada, yada, yada. The Disaffected Lib is still in the ether and I haven't given up on retrieving it but this will have to do for now.

During the hiatus I read the Progressive Bloggers feed daily. I also prowled my links lists of political, environmental and news sites.

Stepping back for a while was interesting. One thing that struck me was the paucity of posts on environmental subjects. Granted, there were other pressing matters such as the election defeat of that giant orange peckerhead, Covid-19 and the second wave, Covid-19 and the vaccine roll outs.



  1. .. Most Excellent.. and Bodacious ! (Yes we watched Bill & Ted Most Excellent Adventure again..)
    Changes here as well. On my son's suggestion, joined Medium to publish 'short works' and holy hell my MacBook Pro rose like Lazuras.. again.. so now limping along.. with 4 dying lap
    tops, dead Mac tower, and 3 cel phones.. running my freelance photo archive hosted gratis at aminus.3.com, Diamond Walker & sequel Hinter Walker and my Ann Harvey history blogs, mainly via Wordpress. I have approx 150 short memoirs.. some are sensational bullshit

    Owen wished I would notify if you were spotted in the woods, running with wolves, but I suspect he saw you first, Lorne as well. I post Environmental via Twitter.. and at times via Facebook. The scumbags never sleep.. so sadly there aint no shortage of travesties. Kenney abolishing the Coal Policy is insane, Doug Ford & 96% Infection Rate in LTC is horror show.. and they were collecting COVID Funding and paying dividends.. suckin and blowing.. and the Beat Goes On

    I sent a nice Twitter condolence note from Canada Eh to Chuck Yeagers brave widow.. said I hoped Tom Wolfe would greet him after wheels down up there in the somewhere.. with a pack of Beechams gum.. and she kicked right back with a gracious smile.. made my day. Spotting your Mk11 was icing on the cake.

    1. Hey, Sal. Good to be back. I'm about ready to open a museum of dead computers. Let the kids see how it was in the days when ships were made of oak and men were made of iron.
      Yeager embodied so much of what is vanishing from America today. I've got his autobiog around here somewhere. Must dust it off. Over Europe, he scored five kills in one mission. What made it so amazing is that they were Bf-109 Messerschmitts. The German pilots formed a defensive circle, a wheel. It was a trap. The idea was that when the allied fighter came in to attack one of them he would have to match the target's turn. That would put the German behind on Yeager's tail with a clear shot to take him down. If I recall correctly, Yeager defeated their tactic by fighting in the vertical, shooting down on his target and then using the energy from the dive to zoom back onto his perch. It's one thing to shoot down five enemy aircraft. It's something else when those five are working together to take down one adversary. Funny the memories that come back after so many years.

      Good luck with your writing and publishing. Wish I had the gumption to do something like that.

      There was a dispiriting item in the Washington Post today about how what we knew and understood about the Arctic is no more. Wildfires and 100 degree summer temperatures are here to stay. I'm afraid we've screwed the pooch, Sal.

      Stay safe.

  2. ..ah yes.. the pooch.. we've 'augured in' so to speak

    hmm typos.. its Beemans gum.. I got it right to Victoria
    Chuck's gracious 2nd & very young wife, younger by 35 years
    1st gracious & stalwart wife Glennis passed away in 1990

    My sequel is Hunter Walker, not 'Hinter'
    a Navajo tracker living on Vancouver Island
    father of Jimmy 'Diamond' Walker - shaman wonder lad

    FYI - I comment and hit 'publish' on your site
    (but only after 'copy-all' for protection)
    Publish kicks me to Google sign-in.. I do so
    return to your page and hit 'Publish' again
    Same re Owen.. Lorne lurks on Twitter

    'Medium' seems useful.. but has me buffaloed early on
    My son will help me though.. he's chain blue lightning
    Crack in house video editor - major league ad agency
    working from home - by the beach - right where I raised him


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