When the Going Gets Tough, the Brits "Di Di Mau"

Every time someone tells you how we're all in this together think Verebier, a ski resort town in Switzerland.

There were some 420 Brits holidaying in Verbier when the virulent strain of Covid-19 was detected in the town causing Swiss authorities to order South African and British visitors into quarantine. Overnight, that 420 shrunk to 12

Asked about the runaway tourists, the Swiss health minister, Alain Berset, said: “We are aware of that. It’s obviously a problem. There was an order to quarantine that has not been respected.”

He added: “One shouldn’t underestimate what an impossible situation it was. We had to decide within hours what to do … That things don’t work perfectly in such a situation, that problems surface is a reality we have to live with.”

When the going gets tough, the Brits get going - I suppose.

I heard a wry retort to the idea that, when it comes to Covid-19, we're all in the same boat. The response went something like this - we are all in the same storm-tossed sea but we are definitely not all in the same boat. Some are riding it out in mega yachts.  Some are being tossed around in dinghies. Still others are left to tread water.


  1. Gross negligence by the Swiss to let the f&^ers out .
    Totally reliable performance by the Brit's quite up to speed; my god those twelve ass holes actually stayed behind? they must have voted Labour!!
    I weep for the future of the country in which I was born.
    That said the Whistler crowd are not much better.
    Is it the high altitude air or the air of superiority that comes with those that have the means to indulge in such sports and financial extravagance?
    Much prefer snowshoeing myself!


    1. I'm not sure the Swiss were all that upset when to have them leave, TB. It seems it was the same story at every resort and, once they've cleared out, they become some neighbouring country's problem. That does sort of sound like Swiss logic.

  2. When it comes to pandemic management, westerners have a lot to learn from those 'backward Asians'.
    When Asians lockdown they do not fool around.

    1. Countries like China don't fear an electoral backlash, NPoV. Besides the whole face mask thing is old hat in many of those countries.


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