One Day. So Many Smiles.

It seemed like the world was smiling yesterday as the United States shed one president and greeted another.

No one can tell how president Biden will fare in dealing with the truly Herculean challenges that beset America and, in many cases, much of the world. All we do know is that he won't act with malice or impulse. There's no sadism to this man, unlike his predecessor.

Smiles all around. Smiles at the inauguration. Smiles on television. Smiles in my own home. Smiles, unseen but heard, on the phone.

But there was one smile, a great beaming smile, that left a unique impression. It was the smile on the face of Melania Trump. It radiated joy, her delight at leaving the White House for good. It was a smile of relief. Gone was the stony grimace, the standard fare for the last four years.

Does this mean that she's changed, that she's become a better person? Hell no. All it means is that she's happier to go somewhere else, probably almost anywhere other than the White House. She can be as indulgent, as mean and nasty, as selfish as she likes - and in privacy.

Melania's joy was my joy. I was happy to see her heels. Out of sight, out of mind.


  1. Smile!


    1. The silly bugger looked pretty pathetic standing out in the cold, a protest of one. Maybe he can set up a GoFundMe to recoup his gas money.

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